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About our B&B La Rocca

The garden at our B&B La Rocca in Carmignano, Tuscany (Italy)A monastery in the 16th century, the house of a painter in the 1960s, a bed and breakfast today

Named after Carmignano's ancient fortress, our B&B "La Rocca" is a family-run bed and breakfast in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, with marvellous views over Florence, Pistoia, and Prato. Built in the sixteen hundreds, the heritage-protected villa is full of history. The walls are covered in frescos and paintings made by Isabella's grandfather, who first came to Carmignano in the 1960s to paint.

We've been sharing the Tuscan way of life with our guests from around the world since 2012. Besides a comfortable bed to sleep in and a breakfast to start the day with, we like to share the best our beautiful country has to offer: great food, culture, and relaxation. From a cooking class to a wine or bike tour through the Tuscan countryside — we want to make your stay with us here in Carmignano unforgettable!

Take a look at our rooms and feel free to contact us with any question or booking inquiry.

"In a truly relaxing, serene setting, Carmignano is the Italy you've been looking for."

— Josh (on Airbnb)

Our B&B "La Rocca" in Carmignano

About Carmignano

If you're a lover of art, culture, good food and wine, you're in the right place!

A 30-minute car ride from Florence, in the Montalbano Hills, Carmignano offers marvellous views over the Tuscan countryside and its major cities, and a proximity to cultural and artistic heritage. Originally an Etruscan settlement, Carmignano is now home to the production of one of Tuscany's most ancient wines. The famous Medici Villa in Poggio a Caiano that is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site is just a 10-minute car ride away. Also Vinci, the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci, can be reached within 30 minutes by car.

A look outside, B&B La Rocca in Carmignano, Tuscany (Italy)

Carmignano is also home to a number of festivals as well as a handful of regular, local markets:


• The Large Festival in Bacchereto (May)

• Comeana Fair (July)

• Dried Fig Festival (September)

• Polenta. Mushroom, and Wild Boar Festival (September)

• Feast of St. Michael - 3-day street theatre to celebrate Carmignano\'s history and traditions (September)

• Hurray for Dried Figs ("Benvenuto Fico Secco") in Carmignano (October)

• Carmignano Fair (December)

About the fortress: La Rocca di Carmignano

In a century-old history, the fortress La Rocca di Carmignano has been the object of many contestations and numerous battles. Above the valley and with perfect views over Florence, Prato, and Pistoia, its position is indeed privileged.

Today, the fortress is the place of several events and a refuge of piece and quiet throughout the rest of the year. While the fortress opens its gate for visitors twice a week, the views from the walking path around it are always splendid. Especially the sea of lights in the valley during a clear night is spectacular. But see for yourself: La Rocca di Carmignano and its walking path are right across from our B&B!

Outside our B&B La Rocca in Carmignano, Tuscany (Italy)